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TEMA. På temasidene er Vox Publicas egen dekning supplert med innhold som hentes automatisk fra diverse tilgjengelige kilder.

Artikler om Instant Articles

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  • Sammenligning av Linux-distribusjoner

    En sammenligning av Linux-distribusjoner er en sammenligning som tar for seg forskjellig maskinvareutstyr og programvarepakker.

  • Silicon Wadi

    Silicon Wadi (hebraisk: סיליקון ואדי‎, dir.oversatt: Silisiumdalen, men refererer til «Silicon Valley» i USA) er et område med en høy konsentrasjon av high-tech industri langs kysten av Israel, tilsvarende Silicon Valley i California.

  • Taboo (rapper)

    Jamie Luiz Gómez (født 14.

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  • An exact relation of Prince Rupert his marching out of Bristoll, the 11. of this instant Septemb. 1645 :

    — according to articles of agreement made betweene him and the Right Honourable, Sir Thomas Fairfax. With the manner how, and the place whither he is to goe, as how farre the Generall himselfe accompanied him, the number of his forces both horse and foot, of his wagons, and other particulars. Also what ordnance, arms, ammunition, and all other provisions which Sir Thomas found in the city, forts, and castle, fully exprest. Published by authority

  • A true relation of the storming Bristoll :

    — and the taking the town, castle, forts, ordnance, ammunition and arms, by Sir Thomas Fairfax's army, on Thursday the 11. of this instant Septemb. 1645. Together with severall articles between Prince Rupert, and Generall Fairfax, before the delivering up of the castle. Sent in severall letters to the Honorable William Lenthall Esq; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, and read in the said House. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that this relation with the articles, beforthwith printed and published: H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com

    Rushworth, John
  • Articles concluded & agreed on for the surrender of Oxford & Farringdon to His Excellency Sir Tho: Fairfax :

    — upon Wednesday the 24th of this instant June: and read in the Honourable House of Commons, June 23. 1646. In regard there is many short and imperfect copies abroad, this true copy is set forth to prevent abuses. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that these articles be forthwith printed and published: H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com

  • The Examination of Sir Ralph Hopton, Sir Iohn Winter, Sir John Stowell :

    — with two other knights upon their knees at the barre in the House of Commons the 14 day of this instant October : with the articles of high treason exhibited against them by the House of Commons

  • Articles for the delivering up of Lichfield-Close on Thursday the 16. of this instant July :

    — Together with a list of the commanders, officers, and gentlemen of quality that were in the Close at the surrender thereof. Also an information of one Henry Stone, concerning some private discourse between him and Sir Tho: Tildesly. All which were sent in a letter to the Honorable VVilliam Lenthal Esq: Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that these articles, letter, list and information be forthwith printed and published. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com

    Stone, Henry

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