Gerald Folkvord

TEMA. På temasidene er Vox Publicas egen dekning supplert med innhold som hentes automatisk fra diverse tilgjengelige kilder.

Artikler om Gerald Folkvord

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  • Blüchern

    Blüchern is a simple gambling card game for any number of players that is played either with a pack of 52 French playing cards or with a pack of 32 French or German playing cards.

  • Kemps (card game)

    Kemps is a matching card game for two to six teams of two players each, where each player must secretly communicate to their partner when they have four matching cards in their hand.

  • Talon (cards)

    In card games, a talon ([taˈlɔ̃]; French for "heel") is a stack of undealt cards that is placed on the table to be used during the game.