Universities and «accountability»: Lessons from the UK experience (podcast)

Universities must be ‘accountable’ to society. This proposition is endlessly repeated in contemporary debates about higher education. But what does ‘accountability’ mean, and by what measures can an appropriate form of accountability be ensured?

This is the podcast ver­sion of a Forum for scien­ce and democracy lectu­re from the Uni­ver­sity of Ber­gen. The lectu­re was held by Ste­fan Col­li­ni on April 6, 2017 at Egget, the stu­dent cent­re in Bergen.

Introduction: New demands on universities

The Uni­ted King­dom has in recent years impo­sed a series of new demands on uni­ver­sities under the ‘accoun­ta­bi­li­ty’ head­ing, and this lectu­re exa­mi­nes the cha­rac­ter of these demands and warns of some of the dama­ging or coun­ter-pro­duc­ti­ve effects which can be pro­du­ced when such measu­res take a mis­con­ce­i­ved mana­ge­ria­list form.

Ste­fan Col­li­ni is Pro­fes­sor Eme­ri­tus of Intel­lec­tu­al His­tory and Eng­lish Lite­ra­tu­re at Cam­brid­ge Uni­ver­sity. His recent books inclu­de Absent Minds: Intel­lec­tuals in Bri­tain (2006); Com­mon Read­ing: Cri­tics, His­to­ri­ans, Pub­lics (2008); and Com­mon Wri­ting: Essays on Lite­ra­ry Cul­tu­re and Pub­lic Deba­te (2016).

Pro­fes­sor Ste­fan Col­li­ni. (Photo: Uni­ver­sity of Cambridge)

In recent years he has also been an influ­en­ti­al voi­ce in deba­tes over the cha­rac­ter of hig­her edu­ca­tion, notab­ly with What Are Uni­ver­sities For? (2012) and Speak­ing of Uni­ver­sities (2017).

He is a Fel­low of the Bri­tish Aca­de­my and of the Royal His­to­ri­cal Socie­ty, and a fre­quent con­tri­butor to The Lon­don Review of Books, The Times Lite­ra­ry Sup­ple­ment, The Guar­di­an, The Nation, and other periodicals.

Det­te er podkast­ver­sjo­nen av et fore­drag i Forum for viten­skap og demo­kra­ti ved Uni­ver­si­te­tet i Ber­gen. Fore­dra­get ble holdt av Ste­fan Col­li­ni 6. april 2017 i Egget, Stu­dent­sen­te­ret i Ber­gen. Fore­dra­get og intro­duk­sjo­nen er på engelsk.

Podcas­ten er pro­du­sert av Ingjald Pil­skog, post­dok­tor ved Uni Rese­arch Kli­ma. Ansvar­lig for fore­les­nin­gen er Anders Johan­sen ved Insti­tutt for infor­ma­sjons- og medievitenskap.







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